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PelletCo Logo

PelletCo Ltd supplies quality, 100% sustainable wood pellets as fuel for boilers, horse bedding and many other uses.

Our wood pellets can be supplied bagged on pallets or in bulk.

Call 01914287700 or visit our online store to order.

Delivery usually 2-3 working days.

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Our couriers continue to support us through the Covid-19 pandemic and deliveries are continuing as normal at present.

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Wood Pellet

PelletCo ltd

PelletCo Ltd based in South Shields supply quality wood pellets to customers in the mainland UK and Ireland.

We supply our pellets in 15kg bags on pallets or in bulk

We provide a friendly, personal service.

Quality Wood Pellets

“PelletCo wood pellets are very easy to use and economical. Our horses love the beds and the delivery service is excellent.” 

- Leslie Barwise -

XCountry Vet Team London 2012 Rio 2016 and past President BEVA. Hon Vice President NEWC

Uses for our Pellets


PelletCo's quality wood pellets have many uses, the main ones being:

Burning in Boilers and Wood Stoves - ENplus and BSL certified

BBQ and Portable Oven Fuel

Horse Bedding - Luxury and Cost Effective (How to use / Benefits)

Cat Litter - Super absorbent and naturally scented

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We have had a biomass boiler for the last decade and PelletCo provide a first class delivery service, top class product at the best price in the market.

-Paul Temple-

Farmer in East Yorkshire

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Certification & Specification

Sourced Sustainably

PelletCo quality wood pellets are 100% virgin wood, sustainably sourced and are fully accredited:


BSL Number: BSL0541402-000#

ForestCo biomass is made of FSC® certified and other controlled materials

15kg  Bags

ENplus A1

6mm Diameter
A1 Grade 
Less than 1% Dust
Less than 10% Moisture
More than 17 MJ/kg


We love using PelletCo wood pellets, with nine horses inside, they make life so easy….one horse will only use 7kg per day.

-Catherine Pearson- 

Northumbria Police Horses

Contact Us

PelletCo Ltd
Tyne Dock
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 9PL

United Kingdom

VAT No: 254534896

Company No: 09752368 

PelletCo Ltd is a subsidiary of GrainCo Ltd and part of the Tynegrain Group of Companies.