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Packed with Power, Nilsen Heat Logs Now Available from PelletCo

PelletCo now have Nilsen Heat Logs for sale and ready for immediate dispatch.

The Nilsen is a heat dense, smokeless fuel, perfect for log burners, fire pits, barbeques, chimineas or open fires.

Their moisture content is below 7% and they are packed with 4,400 kcal/kg giving an an intense heat or long burn.

The logs are smokeless and leave very little ash. This combined with the dense energy content makes for clean, convenient and easy storage and burning.

Stored in 10kg packs with 5 x 2kg (280mm by 95mm) briquettes per pack, a full pallet of 100 packs has a total weight of 1,000 Kg.

Keep warm this winter and grab a great value pallet of heat logs today. Click here to see our shop.

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