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Stali Premium Wood Pellets 750kg Pallet - Commercial -

Stali Premium Wood Pellets 750kg Pallet - Commercial -

Excluding Sales Tax |

Orders have the option of 7.5 tonne delivery lorries 
Pallet Containing 50 x 15kg bags ENPlus Grade A1 6mm Wood Pellets.
BSL No: BSL0541402-0011
ENplus Producer No: (LV006)
Calorific value: 5,067KWhr/tonne
Moisture content: ≤ 5.1%
Dimensions: diameter 6mm ± 1
Fines: ≤ 1.0%
Hooded waterproof pallet
See other delivery details below


    Pallet Containing 50 x 15kg bags ENplus Producer No: (LV006) Grade A1 6mm Wood Pellets

    BSL No: BSL0541402-0011

    Suitable for boiler and stove fuel and horse bedding

    Wood Pellets Size of pallet 1000mm x 1200mm x 1450mm

    It is important to keep this product in a dry place and store away from naked flames and other ignition sources.


    PelletCo Ltd within 14 days will refund the total cost of the products delivered less associated transport costs, providing the product is returned in a resaleable condition.


    PelletCo Direct Deliveries

    We will specify a delivery day which will take place between 9am and 5pm. Alternatively you can specify a delivery date providing it is a working day more than is 48hrs after ordering.

    For additional pricing terms such as large orders or bulk deliveries please ring 01914287700

    Delivery Vehicle Info: 

    Unless you are ordering from Durham, Northumberland or Tyne and Wear customer’s property must allow for 7.5 tonne or 17 tonne vehicle. Delivery will be made to nearest kerbside only

    7.5 tonne vehicle length 9.3m x 3.4m high x 2.8m wide

    17 tonne vehicle length 13m x 3.4m high x 2.8m wide

    Hand pump pallet trollies will not work on soft or sloping ground or loose gravel.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • All deliveries will be ‘economy’ which is 3-4 days from dispatch
    • Normal delivery times are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They are not obliged to give am or pm but may do so.
    • In the event of a customer agreeing to take delivery then not being at home in the agreed period a redelivery charge of £30 per pallet will be made.
    • Delivery drivers are not expected to manoeuvre the pallet beyond the rear of the vehicle but will always be as helpful as possible where conditions allow.
    • In the event of delivery not being possible due to poor access or gravel drive then the delivery will have to be ‘kerbside’ (i.e. left as near the property as possible)
    • All goods must be checked on arrival and delivery paperwork signed unless prior agreement has been made with the delivery company to leave the goods at the property at which point goods will be left at the customer’s own risk.
    • Any delivery issues must be reported immediately to PelletCo ltd
    • Load times may extend during busy times.





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