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How to use Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

The following describes what you have to do for preparing an environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost-effective bed for your horse and the utensils you will need.

For a 12ft x 12ft stable: - 5 wood pellet bags placed on rubber matting - 6-8 bags if placed on a concrete floor - Water - A knife or a scissors - Fork

How to prepare horse bedding with wood pellets: 1. Distribute the bags evenly in the stable. 2. Open the bags carefully with a knife or scissors. 3. Tip ½ - 1 bucket of water over each open bag. 4. The pellets will grow up bigger than their original size. 5. The wood pellets will soak up all the water after 15-20 minutes. 6. Empty the bags on the stable floor. 7. Spread the soaked wood pellets with a fork, so all the corners and gaps get filled. 8. The small, hard wood pellets will have turned into a dense bedding which is soft and fluffy.

Mucking out: - For a consistent quality you should clean the stable every day. - Soak the replacement pellets to suit at a ratio of 1/2 to 1 bucket of water per bag. One or

two bags should last a week. - Remove the droppings and very wet bits from the centre of the wet patch daily. - Mix the clammy spots with the dry. - If your horse is very wet, you can add new dry (unsoaked) wood pellets. - If your horse is very clean, it is useful to spray some water. Otherwise it can dry out and become uncomfortable for your horse. You should also do this when it is very warm outside. - Try to maintain the moisture content.

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