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Covid-19 Virus Disruption and Risk Management

We at PelletCo are not ones for scaremongering or creating unnecessary panic and normally we would leave sensationalising news to the UK’s over enthusiastic media. However with Government Cobra meetings bringing out new measures daily, stock markets capitulating and general hysteria, we feel that there is a danger that wood pellet supply chains may be disrupted.

We currently have wood pellets in stock and can stand a spike in demand if required. Our worry is that staffing becomes an issue especially in the delivery side of the supply chain. As people are advised to ‘self-isolate’ and potentially schools are closed (Ireland have just closed theirs for two weeks) we could find that the depots and distribution companies cannot physically deliver product.

Therefore we feel it would be prudent to check your stocks and if you have space order more pellets now just in case.

In the meantime let’s hope it doesn’t come to much nor last long.

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