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Half and Over Sized Pallets now available

PelletCo has increased the options to buy the premium ENplus A1 MMRoyal wood pellets in half, full and oversized pallets.

Customers can now pick 495kg, 1,080kg and 1,170kg pallets to suit all delivery requirements.

495kg pallets come with 33 x 15kg bags on a pallet with the option of tail gate delivery.

1,080kg pallets have 72 x 15kg bags on a pallet and can be delivered by tail gate.

1,170kg pallets come with 78 x 15kg bags. Customers outside of Durham, Northumberland, North Yorks and Tyne and Wear must supply a forklift or telehandler to offload the pallet.

Furthermore we will not sell pellets unless we can deliver them immediately. We are well stocked for winter and have plenty more stock on order. Please visit our shop to buy direct on line, call us on 08454989020 or alternatively send an email to

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