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Bulk Bagged Pellets Now Available for Immediate Dispatch

PelletCo now have bulk bagged pellets available for immediate dispatch. As Christmas approaches the wood pellet market is faced with major supply issues. UK domestic demand has increased significantly due to cold wintry weather. At the same time the European supply of pellets has turned from over supply to under supply. New, large wood pellet burning power stations have come in to production this year which has increased the continental demand coupled with a mild, wet autumn which has made harvesting difficult. Both factors have created a short in the pan European wood fibre market as a whole. This has created price rises where product is available or in a lot of cases UK suppliers running out of product altogether. At PelletCo we have done our up most to remain the best value in the market and maintained supply through our strong relationships with suppliers. Our bagged MMRoyal sales have been strong with many new customers buying from us. That said we have stock booked to arrive ensuring we can supply our customers throughout December and January. We have also created a new line for those who can take one tonne bulk bags delivered wrapped on a pallet. They offer fantastic value compared to bagged pellets and we have a good supply. Please visit our shop to buy direct on line, call us on 08454989020 or alternatively send an email to

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