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Benefits of using our Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

Using our wood pellets is much friendlier to the environment, because they are 100% virgin wood, sustainably sourced and are fully accredited as ENplus A1 and BSL. The benefits of wood pellets for bedding are as follows:

  1. You need less space to store this product compared to straw or shavings.

  2. They are easier to handle than the big bales of straw or shavings.

  3. It is much easier to see the wet patches, which will save cleaning time.

  4. You only have to fill up the stable once, after which you just need to add a small amount every day as the wood pellets separate easily from manure. Therefore saving on cost per horse per day compared to other products.

  5. This bedding is better for hooves, because the moisture is contained.

  6. Wood pellets are healthier for breathing, because they

contain minimal dust and absorb odours.

  1. Easy disposal as there is less volume and the pellets biodegrade faster when spread on land.

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